B Sport therapeutic tables

Customized To Your Specific Needs.

B Sport wood therapeutic tables and taping stations offer practical design encompassing remarkably strong, durable, and stable construction. Our tables are utilized for athlete examinations and treatments by doctors and rehabilitation practitioners. Whether your needs are for a plain table on one with many variations and storage options, B Sport customizes these tables to fulfill the exact needs of your athletic program(s).

Custom Design Options

Details matter not only in the construction, but the finishes will perfectly enhance the look of your athletic medical treatment area. We work with materials of all types.

There are several factors to consider when determining which print application is right for your project. This includes durability, cost, and order size. An important determining factor is going to be the type of artwork you want to print and usibility of the therapeutic table.

Choose from the below logo printing options.

Screen printing is where the logo or mascot is printed on the therapeutic table.

How does it work? 

Screen printing is a strategy used with a stencil or screen and utilizing it to apply layers of ink on the printing surface. Each stencil utilizes varied colors before the fabric is consolidated to the last outcome. Screen printing is a reliable configuration process for any kind of fabric material and it utilizes specialized inks. The ink can be perfectly applied to the selected areas of fabric without disturbing the design.

 Why is screen printing popular for therapeutic tables?

Your therapeutic table logo or mascot  will be extremely durable and be cost effective.

Screen Printing Example:

Debossed printing is imprinting your logo or mascot into your therapeutic table. This is different than embossed printing where the logo or mascot is raised out from the therapeutic table.

How does it work? 

We accomplish this look with the use of a die that is designed to sink parts of the design into the base vinyl thus producing a single color 3-dimensional logo. Detail can be very vivid and allow us to provide a depth not easily accomplished thru embroidery.

 Why is debosse printing popular for therapeutic tables?

With therapeutic tables getting equipment laid on or sweaty athletes getting up and down off off the therapeutic table, debossed printing will not peal and will increase the time for noticeable wear and tear. Because of the durability of the debossed print your therapeutic table will be expected to hold up with the life of the upholstery itself. Overall, your debosed print creates a classic look in any space.

Debossed Printing Example:

Single and multi-color seal printing is where the logo or mascot is raised out from the therapeutic table.

How does it work? 

Multi-colored logos are accomplished thru the use of our custom made stitch seal dies. Special tools make all the parts of our custom color logos. The logo or mascot can be up to 13″ square with a maximum of  5 colors used.

 Why is single and multi-color seal printing popular for therapeutic tables?

Your therapeutic table will have a clean look that is both beautiful as well as durable.

Single And Multi-Color Seal Printing Example: